Video / What should be the Digital marketing strategy for your start up?

Traditional media is not a practical option for start-up firms because of the small budgets they have for media spend. Also, it is not a wise strategy to spend heavily on a name that is new to the game and not well known to consumers. Fortunately, you can now find a cheaper alternative online via digital marketing. In a world of internet and smartphones, every company needs to build a strong web presence right from its inception.

So you would do well to have your website and social media page ready even prior to your launch. A fully responsive or mobile-friendly site, right design elements, SEO company and quality content are just some of the most important components of being digital ready. First impressions count for much since the website is probably the first interaction point between you and today’s customer.


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media sites offer the best platforms to reach a substantial audience and establish and build solid long-term relationships. They also offer the cheapest means of interaction with and getting feedback from customers. Start-ups cannot afford to spend on expensive research via multi-national research firms such as KPMG, Ernst & Young or AC Nielsen.

But social media pages allow for a more intimate interaction with the customer and provide insights into their buyer behaviour and social patterns. You can further deepen this contact via blogs that offer rich content on the subject of your expertise. Blog posts can be highly informative, educational and non-commercial and aimed at stimulating interest in your products and services in an indirect, non-invasive way encouraging constructive feedback, testimonials, queries and generally speaking, engagement and interaction. Intelligently written blogs can be your launch pad to drive thought leadership and enhancing credibility.

Viral marketing is fast becoming a lucrative option for newly formed companies due to its guerrilla style approach and shock tactics that grab people’s attention using original ideas and precise content and intelligent placement. Once a campaign is viral companies can take full advantage of the sudden surge in popularity to acquire a permanent market share. Though not advisable to established companies, new comers do stand to benefit from this unconventional approach.

Partnering with digital PR firms is a viable option if you want to drive communications, monitor comments on your social media page, manage web traffic, extensive networking and building an online reputation. They help you methodically build via word of mouth. It is all about creating original and creative content and trying to get likes, shares and re-shares. Digital PR firms bring an array of marketing skills to the table mostly based on communication which is arguably the most important component. You can directly approach customers through a mailing list or a database by sending personalised direct mailers. It is cheap and can be effective.

However, once you have your website up and you are in the process of trying to build an online presence, the most critical tactic in achieving that goal is SEO. You will have to tweak several aspects of your site, identify key words and phrases, post web blogs, link them and optimise them so that they become more visible online and come up higher on the search results on Google. Visibility in turn drives web traffic and potentially revenue. It is a relatively cost-effective strategy and it can be complemented by SEM where you can pay to tactically direct traffic to your website.

These are just some of the option available to start ups to cost-effectively conduct their marketing campaign. They can employ some web analytics through Google that are not that expensive in order to track the performance of their marketing efforts. Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore is a very dynamic medium and companies can be creative, mix and match and tried to execute a coordinated campaign with several elements at play this increasing effectiveness.