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What is Enterprise Content Management?

One of the most powerful things in the world currently is information. The more informed you are the easier it becomes to achieve your goals. In fact, everything around you reduces to information. Your sense organs relay information to your brain, you communicate information to people around you. Information plays an especially integral part of organisations at different levels. It may be in the form of documentation, communication, marketing etc.

Therefore storage for all forms of information or content should be made easy for access as well as for reference as well. In other terms content important to the organisation should be efficiently managed. It becomes especially important to have a system or a process in place to help run the functioning of the organisation more smoothly and efficiently. That is where Enterprise Content Management come’s into the picture.


What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management comprises various strategies, processes and systems setup to manage and formalise content for further use. It is a systematic way of collecting and organising important information required by various parties linked to the organisation like business executives and customers. There is no standardised process or established system to manage content. It is and always will be a dynamic combination of strategies, process and systems established by the organization, individually applicable to the organisation. In accordance to the functioning of the organisation, an Enterprise Content Management system can be set. It is one of the most efficient ways to manage structured and unstructured content as the system helps manage the data and increases accessibility.

Enterprise Content Management System on the Rise

According to various news sources, ECM (Enterprise Content Management) has witnessed a growth in revenue of $28.10 billion in the year 2016. It is expected to witness a growth of $66.27 billion by the year 2021. This primarily due to the fact that there is an increase in the need to organise, safeguard, protect and secure important data. The ECM Market has become the most sought-after market due to the emerging need of preserving and enhancing the security of electronic data. Many companies have not started managing their data via cloud, which makes information secure and accessible on the go. Enterprise Content Management Company in Bangalore normally constitute strategies, planning, execution, as well as a strategic audit. It essentially focuses on creating a system, a structure and the security required for the content.


Previously, many organisations did follow the practice of storing documents or data that could prove to be important in the future. By this service being made available, it helps reduce the workload of various other departments by eliminating the complex workflow of organising and storing data. Therefore, with this emerging service helps organisations keep a better track on all their important documents and data in a systematic and secure way.