Facebook / What features are must to make your E-commerce app stand out

Globalization has bridged the gap between trading and communication over the years. With the emergence of the internet, the E-commerce industry has become a big player in the market. As technologies change, so do industries and that is why there are millions of businesses that have popped up on E-commerce websites. Being an intensely competitive and challenging industry, you need to make sure that your E-commerce mobile app features not only look attractive but work effectively too.

Let’s admit it, unless people are in a time crunch or have plenty of hours to spare, they will not leave the house to shop. I mean, nobody wants to visit an overcrowded mall, jostle through hundreds of people only to reach that one store to find out that their size is out of stock. Customers know better than to go through all that effort, get frustrated and feel bad about wasting their time and money when they have something as powerful as the internet to make life easy. It gets better, with the advent of E-commerce mobile apps, customers do not even open up that laptop which is lying in the other room (lazy beings I tell you!), all they do is download your app onto their smartphones and shop away!

This is where I help you with unique and interactive features that will make you stand out in the crowd that is E-commerce.

Here are some up to the minute features for your E-commerce app:

Hassel free registration

After consumers download your app on their phones, they expect an easy and uncomplicated process. Consumers do not want to write essays in the name of forms or be forced to sign up. They will leave the app if it is cumbersome or demands too much information. Also, as a seller, you only have a few minutes to make the sale so do so instantly. Make the registration simple with either an e-mail/phone number option or integrate social media into your app. Logging in to the user’s already existing Facebook or Google account, lets them proceed to their desired task with minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.

Effortless navigation

E-Commerce mobile apps have a diverse range of products to sell. It is essential that E-commerce mobile app builders help consumers reach their desired product easily. Consumers should not be burdened with scrolling through pages of a product category that they’re not interested in. Designing a clear, uncluttered design is the best solution which allows effortless navigation throughout the app content. You developers must also keep in mind that mobiles have limited screen space and ensure to not jam the device with too much information that causes inaccessibility.


It is a known fact that many people browse through online shopping sites without a purpose to buy. They like going through products to know what’s new and exciting, what’s the latest in the market but they may not necessarily have the intent or funds to buy it that minute. It’s important to note that these very same people will come back to purchase a product that they have stumbled upon. So how can you help them reach that item in a jiffy? That’s right- have a Wishlist option. Wishlists allow customers to sort of bookmark their choice of commodity and come back directly to it without having to go through the numerous category lists. It also enables merchants to notify their customers of the wishlist items- maybe an offer, “back in stock” or “hurry! Last piece left”. Don’t miss out on losing your customers and add in this cool feature.

Various Payment Options

Your checkout is where the traffic on your page gets converted to paying customers. For easy conversion and sales, it is imperative to provide the customers with an easy checkout. And for that, you need to ensure that you give all sorts of payment alternatives that a customer might need to complete his transaction. The last thing you want is for a potential customer to abandon their cart because your site doesn’t allow them to purchase products with their method of payment. When your E-commerce mobile app development is in its initial stages, a research on the various payment methods your target audience uses will be of great help.

Push notifications

Push notification is an amazing marketing tool in the recent E-commerce apps development. It’s an innovative way to engage with your customers and increase traffic to your mobile app. A push notification alerts users when they’re on the go with the latest updates on your app, offers and sales. One must keep in mind that there is an extremely thin line between alerting consumers and irritating them. If used correctly, they can help lure crowds and build a wide customer base. If not, then there’s just a barrage of messages that users receive which agonizes them causing them to opt out of your notifications. Tread this feature carefully. Hey! If you nail it, you can successfully increase the lifespan of your app.

Customer Connect

The shift from shopping at stores to shopping online is a drastic one. Most people have embraced this shift with open arms. When asked why, a majority of them said that it’s not only because it’s convenient but because a sales team is always available to help them throughout their online shopping experience. There will be times when a user is doubtful about an item or has questions related to it which are unanswered on the page; this is the time they will look for you. And you got to be available to make that sale!! Build your customer support team from day one. Have a live chat feature or allow customers to get in touch with you via emails or direct messages.

Bottom Line

E-commerce is a booming industry and if you want a piece of it (a big one I might add) then you have to simplify the process. The experience that you provide to the users can make or break you, and I believe the features I have shared with you in this blog will definitely help you stand out in the industry. I’ll go one step ahead and say it’ll make your app ridiculously cool!

Oh! Please do not forget that your application must be made friendly with all kinds of smartphones. There are so many operating systems out there that making your app compatible with several systems will help you reach out to millions more.

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