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Different Types of Digital Marketing Services

With your customers spending a majority of their time on different digital devices, it makes sense to invest in different types of digital marketing services to reach them effectively everywhere.

Digital marketing is in many ways an up gradation to the traditional marketing tactics used by marketers and requires an understanding of the many different digital tools and techniques that are not used in traditional marketing.

Let’s quickly go through the different types of digital marketing services that have the potential to change the way you saw marketing.


Search Engine Optimization is a powerful concept, as it targets the customers who are proactively searching for your offering/product on the web. By coming first in the search list, SEO ensures your brand gets better visibility than the competitors.

By carefully adding keywords, a website can be search engine optimized, to get you high up on the search list.


Pay per click or paid search, lets you come on the top of all the organic search results in Google search engine. For a certain cost depending on the competitiveness of the keyword, the search engine pages offer visibility to your brand. But it’s also important to know that not every person sees sponsored search results on Google as worthy as the organic results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is very crucial in today’s branding dynamics as it can work as a mouth piece for your customers to communicate directly with the brand. Social media marketing works on creating a large community of loyal customers and directly communicating with them on their personal accounts. Social Media Marketing remains to be one of the most cost effective digital marketing services. With many new social media websites like instagram, pintrest, myspace, meetup and tumblr etc. coming up, one needs to device a social media strategy that can effectively use all of them.

Content Marketing

Content is the king, even in the digital world. Content marketing focuses on creating and packaging good content that the consumers like and linking it to your product, brand or service.

Content is strong as the readers don’t see content marketing with the same frown as advertisements. With a carefully mix of good SEO, social media marketing and original content, one is fully armed to take the digital competition out.

Blogging is an essential tool in content marketing as it helps your content stay on the top in search lists. Also blogging connects the brand to readers on a much more intimate level, which is important to develop brand loyalty.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing can be compared to the traditional direct mailers, but e-mail marketing comes with an intelligent side. Many CRM tools and software like hubspot come with analytical tools allowing the e-mail marketing campaign to be specially designed based on the customer data.

Effective e-mail campaigns can be easily created to constantly target your customers and guide them to the point of purchase through a series of e-mailers.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing at its best is a full return on no investment, and at its worst is just hogging the digital space.

Viral marketing is good timing, great content, excellent marketing and exploiting every possible digital media, all-in-one. The most successful viral marketing campaigns are not run by marketers, but by the customers as they own the product and sell it to their friends.

Viral marketing incorporates YouTube, social media pages, radio, smartphone, and almost every possible media to grab the attention of the market and spread like wildfire.

In Conclusion

So these were the different types of digital marketing services.

Survival of the (digitally) fittest is the new mantra of marketing. Digital marketing is an essential aspect of business growth and must also be used as a market research tool to analyze customer data and feedback. Many reputed Digital agencies like Avohi Infotech offer

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