SEO / Simple tips to set the stage for Local SEO in 2015

In the highly complex world of Local SEO, although the basics remain fundamentally the same, trends are constantly shifting as businesses hone in on what works and what doesn’t. It is never the same from one year to the next. It all comes down to how you approach the Local SEO challenge. It is better to desist from using clever ways to place your site higher on searches and rather focus on improving your content and overall user experience of your site which would guarantee a higher spot during search results by virtue of popularity.

Business owners must understand that Local SEO is not a single tactic. Rather, it is a grand strategy with several integrated tactics working in tandem or coordination. Companies would do well not to lose sight of the bigger picture at all times. Too much focus on single aspects of SEO would be detrimental to the long-term goals. You must be a true student and analyst of the game. The several components that make up Local SEO must be taken apart and their value judged in isolation. Then you will have a fair idea of how to make them work well together.

With Google putting significant effort into local search with their recently launched Pigeon and My Business companies have to begin adapting and adopting in the 2015. With the increasing shift from conventional computers to mobile, more customers are doing their research via Smartphones. Therefore, Google is able to pinpoint locations with stunning accuracy and bring up relevant local search results. The key to stay afloat is keeping off site and on site signal relevant. Previously, having a responsive site was enough to meet the needs of the mobile user. However, Google today demands a mobile-friendly site in order for it to rank well. Therefore, becoming mobile friendly and optimising for mobile are essential and perfectly logical moves for any company.

There are no shortcuts to SEO success. Ensure that you have excellent content that is informative and engaging yet optimised for local signals. It all comes down to having relevant and quality content that is precise and provides the customer with the necessary information at a single glance instead of beating around the bush. Localisation applies for blog content also which makes you all the more relevant to your intended audience. Increase your social media presence and interaction.

Optimise your Google My Business listing. This involves getting the basics right such as ensuring your location is entered properly on the map, double checking names, address, phone number, work hours. Make sure your official website is made available on your Google+ page and use proper keywords. Also promote reviews, tags, links and positive mentions. Besides Google My Business make sure that you are listed on other popular directory sites such as the Yellow Pages, White Pages and City Search.

In short, 2015 requires you to move away from the specialist approach and embrace the ‘jack of all trades’ multitasking approach. It is important to keep a vigilant eye on all aspects and components of Local SEO this coming year. Taking a bird’s eye view and looking far and beyond at the long-term and big picture will be the keys to success. Remember that a successful SEO strategy is a perfect mix of technical and marketing expertise. So it depends as much on attractive content as it does on links, tags and optimisation.

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