Blog / Mobile SEO Predictions for 2018 that are All Set to Rule the Online Market Place

May it be engrossment, thrill, entertainment or information, the modern race derives all emotional and intellectual responses through a single handheld interface. No score for guessing the right answer here. Mobile phones are no more just mere devices. They have turned into everything from partner hunting equipment to biggest decision-making tool. Almost half of the global population, which is over 3.7 billion people, are accessing the internet through their handheld PCs aka smartphones. In the USA the number of mobile internet users has long surpassed 237.2 million. These data are enough to underline the current era of online marketing as the age of mobile phones. Needless to say that for successful mobile marketing and advertising, your business must apply the very latest mobile SEO strategies effectually. Moreover, 2018 is going to witness a number of fresh trends take over the humdrum mobile SEO scenes. An in-depth cognizance of these newest mobile SEO trends and adequate preparation for their apt application are imperative in consequence. Here is a list of mobile SEO predictions which you need to know for steering your marketing ship in the right direction this year.

Do You Know What Makes Mobile SEO Doubly Important?-Google Indexing!

Just as announced by Google earlier, the search engine giant has already started listing various sites into its mobile-first index. Google’s team is presently monitoring how the websites under this specific index work. Due to the massive popularity and incredible accessibility of the mobile phones worldwide, Google is planning to shift how its search engine indexing or ranking mechanism works. Going mobile, first means ranking websites according to their mobile-optimised content and not the desktop sites. Naturally, businesses with mobile websites are going to get better ranks in Google. Fragments from mobile-optimised websites that Google’s algorithm picks up will be featured in the relevant search result. The company has acknowledged the fact that a higher percentage of world populace is accessing Google through smartphones, which strengthens the ground for prioritizing mobiles. Thus, no matter whether it is top search engine ranking or high-return mobile app advertising you are aiming at, pulling the appropriate mobile SEO strings is the key to reach your goals.

Progressive Web Apps for Offering Exceptional User Experience

Visiting App stores every time for installing data draining apps curbs user experience. Progressive web apps offer the perfect antidote to that. These apps merge the best of mobile apps and mobile web browsing to deliver smoother experiences. With progressive apps, users will not have to visit app stores, search for specific apps and install them on their devices. The app can be downloaded directly from the web to handheld devices with ease and sans the address bar. What makes switching to progressive web apps really helpful for businesses is that they require less deep linking, code bases, and maintenance. Another big plus of the progressive web apps is that they are easily findable in Google and other search engine platforms. Google Play prefers well performing apps and Google ranks less error prone apps higher. The PWAs score high in both regards. Reportedly, Alibaba.com has achieved a substantial 76% rise in conversion since upgrading their mobile website to PWA. Twitter’s PWA Twitter Lite helps users save 70% more on data usage. Certainly, this is the next big thing in mobile web marketing that businesses are gearing to master.

Structured Data Markup for Staying On Top of the Game

Want to secure the very grounds of your website ranking to prevent it from ever slipping to the South of web results? Structured data might be the answer to your prayers. According to Google it is the standardized format that offers exact information about a web page and also classifies its content. Search engines are going to rely on the structured data of your website for categorizing and ranking it. Google itself uses the structured data for some of the most crucial ranking related tasks such as adding image badges, breadcrumbs, knowledge graphs and carousels. These enhancements, in turn, help your website get discovered by more members of the target audience. On top of this, structured data is a great fit for the voice-enabled mobile phones. Hence, with SEO optimized, neatly structured data your website will come first in the voice-based search results too. What’s more, the marked-up structured data makes your website compatible with a number of cutting-edge modern mediums like Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Fitbit and Google Home. As a result, your reach will expand with tweaking SEO methods as per the standardized structured data markup rules.

Voice Searches will Spike Up in Number Requiring SEO to Giddy-up

The profuse abundance and enhanced convenience of smart speakers, digital assistants, and chatbots are making internet lazier than ever. Even typing in a designated search box seems like an uphill task to them. With increasing search requests coming through voice searches, mobile SEO needs to be speech optimized. From keyword strategizing to content developing, all have to be updated and improved accordingly. Plus, all the virtual biggies are trying to make the most of voice searches. For example, Google is partnering with Target and Wal-Mart for helping buyers quickly find things they need while shopping. Amazon is striding towards integrating Alexa with the advanced smart home devices. Newer SEO solutions have to be applied to keep pace with such sweeping changes.

Cross Device Convergence will Gain Precedence

No matter how responsive is your website’s design, it is not enough anymore. As the epoch of converged devices is rolling out, your website must be more flexibly optimized to be used across a number of devices without hiccups. Users will be switching devices often for adding more traction to their daily activities. For offering a superior experience to them your website data has to move seamlessly from one device to another. Since the thin line between web and mobile is getting blurred, the mobile app marketing companies will also prioritize on maintaining state, status, and history of data in all platforms. Premium cloud computing and cloud storage will prove a great help in this regard.

Though mentioned as predictions, the mobile SEO trends discussed above are part of a reality that is rapidly transforming the online marketing dynamics. Riding such waves of change is possible only through the application of responsible and advanced mobile SEO techniques with professional expertise.