Mobile Apps / How Mobile App Support can help grow your Business?

Mobile Apps has the world by a storm. For each and every business apps are mandatory now and if you don’t have a mobile app for your business you are considered ancient. So, with this mindset not just big organizations develop apps but small or even start-ups create and develop apps to help them grow their business.

Tiny unknown apps can suddenly go viral and, seemingly overnight, grow to millions of users. It took less than three months for Instagram to hit one million users. After one year, that number had grown to more than 10 million. By the time Instagram was purchased by Facebook in April 2012, the app had more than 40 million users, but only a 13-person team. On average, every employee including the CEO supported more than 3 million users. Unlike Outsourcing Call Center Services these queries can be handled quite smoothly by less number of people.

Support Zero

Handling such a large customer base is like handling a wild bull. If you are not able to handle the queries of customers then you might lose them. That’s where Mobile App Development support comes in handy.
Keeping the volume of technical trouble tickets low frees time and energy for a small, nimble team to focus on core business activities.

How can one business achieve Support Zero? Let’s check it out.

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Typically, every customer service/support agent has his/her own inbox that is supervised by people. If the Agent is unavailable at some point of time the customers are left waiting. A shared inbox helps agents to view all open issues and efficiently resolve them.

Waiting List:

Not every time the customer who waits the longest gets helped first. The waiting queue should be arranged in such a way that those who have been in the queue the longest get helped first. And sort your inbox not just by when a ticket was created but by the date of each interaction.

All At Once:

As the app becomes famous, the issues will begin to emerge in the tens, then hundreds, then thousands.

Rather than managing each one individually, use bulk actions to enable your support team to select all similar tickets and respond to them in the same way.

Together, these keys can help every mobile app business get to Support Zero and provide top-notch customer service and support while scaling rapidly without wasting time and resources on managing endless tickets.