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The grip of mobile apps on the time of the populace has tightened. This is quite evident from the fact that smartphone users are spending more than 89% of their total mobile usage time on apps. Since time is money it has become doubly crucial for businesses of all shapes and sizes to put forward their best foot in the direction of launching apps. Moreover, according to statistics Americans use smartphones for two hours on an average per day. Data like this vow that having a business app of your own will bring you in closer contact with the prospective audience, given that the app offers superlative performance. For developing an app that is highly functional, truly smart and useful from square one can be a hectic and time-consuming process. Luckily, technology has left no stone unturned to make the app making process smoother and faster. Time crunch or boot-strapped budget? No need for qualms when you have next level app development platform like Dropsource at your service. Here is what you need to know about it.

What Makes the Next Level Custom Mobile Application Development Important?

Developing a mobile app is most certainly not a cakewalk. Coding skill and knowledge are paramount to this task. Needless to say that only the best mobile app development company like us can bring the required experience and expertise to the table. But, traditional app developing methods can weigh the progress down, delaying the delivery of end-product. New age, next level app development platform like Dropsource can change all of that. This is how!

  • Creates App with Access to the Hardware: For offering better user experiences native apps are the first choice. Unlike hybrid apps, native apps can access the hardware applications of a smartphone like the camera. Dropsource helps in making native mobile apps with ease
  • Needs No Coding: From where we are the next level of app developing platform is one that drives results without developers having to test the coding after writing each line. Dropsource allows you to sit back, saving time! Plus, you can update the app without neck-cramping hard-work anytime
  • Full Freedom of Designing: When the burden of coding is lifted, there is more space for a creative influx. With Dropsource you have full control over how your app’s interface looks. It even integrates the services you are offering seamlessly with the app
  • Continuous Support: Apps will enjoy a long-term relationship with Dropsource as an added benefit. With the support of Dropsource changing and including new content will become as delightfully easy as eating a delectable pie.

What exactly is Dropsource?

Dropsource is a unique, next-generation app development platform which allows users to build completely native, flexible mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Based on your inputs and requirements, this app developing software churns out the applicable source code. It provides a browser-based, visual interface where you can organize and make changes through drag-and-drop functionality. With the drag-and-drop feature, you can include new text, visual content like graphics or video and audio files to the app in the blink of an eye. Instead of months of wait, businesses are empowered to launch fully customized mobile apps within days, courtesy Dropsource.

The three major types of mobile apps that you can develop on Dropsource are promotional apps, product prototypes, and powerful data-driven app. For promoting a business or product you can opt for a promotional app with excellent features like PayPal integration, social media sharing, AdMob integration and geolocation. Want to test your product ideas on real-time devices? Dropsource can build a product prototype app that creates the provision for mobile device testing with a single click. You can also build powerful apps that integrate well with the third-party services such as Firebase, Intercom, REST APIs and AWS Mobile Hub. Another privilege of using this next level app development platform is that you can decide minutest details ranging from placement of content to the colours of fonts. If you are looking for a premium enterprise mobile app development solution then Dropsource can be the answer.

Bridging the Gap between Conceptual and Ready-to-Use Mobile Apps

No matter how brilliant your concept for a fresh mobile app is, it is of no value until the app is developed to workable capacity. Dropsource eliminates the obstacles between concepts and reality, fast-tracking custom mobile application development. Dropsource has an array of modules for determining how your users will interact with the app and the way it will be working. Usually, traditional app developing methods call for Java or Swift expertise for native programming. Dropsource builds apps with all native features sans the drudgery.

One has to start building an app by selecting either iOS or Android. The screens you build here will reflect as pages inside the app. The page you create first will be set as the home page of the app. By adding buttons to the home page section you can build passageways to the other pages. For creating an unparalleled user-experience Dropsource has a number of Elements. Checkboxes, sliders, image buttons, floating action buttons, switches, search boxes, dynamic lists, submit button and progress bars are some of the popular Elements to enrich app exploration. In addition, your options for customizing the app are not limited. All the Elements come with several customizable options to give your app an incredibly outstanding look.

Greater Convenience, Faster Operations

Dropsource lets you download the source code for your app with one simple click. For the iOS apps it writes source codes using SWIFT and for the android applications source codes are written in JAVA. Once you click the “Download Source Code” button it will get downloaded to your device directly. Thereafter, you may choose to edit the source code for a fully customized app creation. This convenient feature also enables you to publish the app manually at Google Play Store.

Easy to Showcase, Ready to Impress

The next generation of app development has nullified the need to request stakeholders or prospective investors to imagine what the app will be like. Dropsource enables you to create fully functional prototypes so that stakeholders can check them out and offer their opinion up-front. In this way, you can make necessary changes before the final app launch.

Dropsource has successfully resolved problems like lengthy designing phases, stagnant mockups, delayed decision making and overwhelmingly prolonged development cycle, making way for innovation. Therefore, it can be safely said that the new era of app development will be fueled by ideas instead of technical balderdash!

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