SEO / Effective Keyword Targeting: The Key to Growing Traffic & Revenue

Keyword targeting when properly done can be an effective method to significantly increase your site’s visibility online. In order to increase web traffic to phenomenal levels, it is necessary to pick the right keywords. The keywords you select should aptly represent your core products and services, what you do and your potential growth areas. The idea is to attract maximum attention from these select words through focused effort.

Best way to get started is to analyse your market and identify key areas of potential growth and shortlist the most appropriate keywords that define your specific role. Your growth plan itself will have to strategically target potentially high traffic and high revenue areas. Most often the most lucrative and profitable aspects of your business are latent or lay hidden and you will have to uncover them in your analysis. A few minor yet tactical steps will help you harvest their full potential resulting in a growth surge.

Key With Keywords Text As Symbol For SEO Or Searching

Of course, the first step of any analytical process is data collection. For this it is important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about the most obvious words you would enter into the search engine to look for your product or business and you need to find out why. This will give you some useful insight into the intent of the customer. Is it just information? Is it price comparison, curiosity or intent to purchase? Your website should be optimised for those particular key words that you believe the client would use in order to trace his way to your site.

The final shortlisted subset must contain most commonly typed words for this particular product or service and what is it you are offering that relates to it. More numerous the offering, more complex the analytics and optimisation. Google analytics tool can be an extremely useful tool helping you track common key words, page visits and the words that led to it. By tracking it regularly, you can adapt your overall strategy to suit the trend.

The next logical step is to prioritise this shortlist and further narrow it down to a usable number. These keywords will be the most potent in driving visitor traffic. You can get creative by using multiple variations of the same keywords to increase effectiveness through repetition. More unique the keywords, more likely that they will generate traffic and, eventually, revenue because it is unlikely that you’re competitors will be using them. You can even combine your two most powerful keywords and optimise them together. Paired words increase the likelihood of your page being found on the search engine. Also be sure to correlate the particular words with their respective topics or significance. This will make the search more suggestive and customers have a better chance of tracing it to your site. It’s like leading them with clues.

Ultimately all your actions must have a single focus and that is Return on Investment (ROI). This is not an exact science and therefore it is necessary to mix and match your optimisation tactics including content marketing. Be sure to focus on popular and high search volume keywords. Get creative and use catchy titles for your web pages instead of the standard ones that everyone has. It is all about setting yourself apart from the crowd.