Responsive Website Design / Business or fundraising – An organization’s website must be responsive for its endeavor to work

The web is smeared with websites. As new ones surface, old ones rapidly fade. In fact, this fade-surface cycle is so rapid that experts believe that as much as 90% of the online ventures within two months from their inception. It is clear that merely having an online presence does not make a company succeed but makes it just another statistic in the multitude. Some serious brain storming as to why websites fail revealed a glaring reason: the design and the content of the site fail to continually engage a browser’s attention. As such, the traffic suddenly falls and the website vanishes into oblivion. This simple reason can break the backbone of any online marketing strategy. The solution is simple. Put some thought into the site’s design and make it responsive!

There are a few elements of responsive web design which make it an instant and lasting success:

  • A site design that attracts attention through engaging and relevant graphics.
  • Easy navigation through the web pages so that browsers reach all the information that is on offer.
  • Informative, relevant and readable content that attract browsers and that they remember. To hold traffic this content must be regularly updated.
  • Instant and easy calls-to-action.
  • Reduce traffic bounce and increase traffic retention.
  • Elimination of insecure, inflexible and outdated third party plug-ins.


Merely putting up a website together can be a failed attempt today. The thing about responsive websites that clicks is that they project the motive of an organization and encourages the browser to believe in it. This is equally essential for business houses and non-profit organizations. For corporate ventures, this can have direct impact on sales while for non-profits it can effect donations. The brilliant thing about responsive website design is that the results are visible almost instantly. United Way Bay Area (UWBA) experienced as much as 34% boost in mobile traffic within few day of restructuring their website.

The crux of the responsive design process is the thought that goes into the design. The final aim is to create an immersive user experience. For fast growing companies, this becomes all the more vital since they need to reach out customer on web or via mobile phones. This is why online ventures need to go responsive with immediate effect:

  • Responsive websites are easy to maintain and involve lesser expenditure. This can save the owner company a lot of sweat.
  • It is common knowledge that Google gives preference to responsive websites. So this might affect one’s page ranking.
  • The amazing user experience serves as a magnate for traffic.
  • A large section of the traffic is going mobile and the number will continue to be on the rise. A responsive site easily adapts to various screen sizes. So the site can be viewed from a multitude of devices.
  • Another aspect is that a large number of the social media referrals are made by browsers from their mobile devices. This can give some serious boost to one’s marketing venture.