Responsive Website Design / 5 ways to make your website more mobile friendly

With more people accessing the internet through tabs and smart phones, the viewing screen has become significantly smaller since the days of desktops and laptops. It has become an important consideration for companies today whether their website offers an adequate mobile experience when viewed via a smart phone or a tablet. Almost all businesses are online and most of them have potential or existing consumers that they need to reach through the internet. This gives rise to the massive necessity of being able to adapt one’s site effectively to smaller screens.

Here are 5 ways in which to make your static website into a dynamic and more mobile friendly presence.

Creating a mobile version of your website

The straightforward solution adopted by many companies is to create a mobile version of the website optimised for mobile devices. This custom made website will load properly on mobile devices offering customers the ideal user experience that they would normally get while browsing on a desktop or a laptop.

Develop a responsive website design

Another option is to create a responsive website that adapts itself from device to device. The fact that users today access the same website from multiple devices makes it all the more important to include composite elements in the web design that will intuitively respond to different display dimensions. Smartphones today can shift from portrait to landscape view with a mere tilt of the hand. Designers have to take into account such subtle features and incorporate all possible details into the code. This helps avoid the effort and time spent on designing several versions of the site.

Mobile Apps

Since the introduction of iPhones, there has been an unprecedented surge in the number of apps users. Mobile apps can be used by companies as effective tools to further their reach and presence. If you are an established company your existing customers can follow your updates through the app. If you are an emerging firm looking to build up a customer base, app downloads can be offered as a platform for direct marketing. It can be used for updates on product information, offers, promotions and to build brand awareness. It is much cheaper than traditional media.

Downsize content and facilitate navigation

The layout of the page could be made simpler; font sizes increased to facilitate easier navigation, content could be sizeably shrunk and critical information could be squeezed into the primary display space via a compact design. Prioritise content and website structure to enable customers to get where they want quickly.

Hybridisation and long-term vision

Companies with enough resources can try the hybrid approach. They can mix and match the aforementioned methods and customers can use them in tandem. That way they all complement each other and compound the company’s presence exponentially. Also, long-term strategies that are built around mobile technology are a must for any company looking to sustain itself. There must be an educated anticipation of future mobile technology and devices and a plan in place for successful adaptation.