Facebook / 5 Ways to Increase Organic Reach On Facebook

Facebook has evolved into a colossal platform for big brands to easily and effectively interact with their customers and brand loyalists. Since the launch of brand pages in 2007, companies have been able to make good use of it to promote their brands and manage customer relationship. But like anything that is free of cost, Facebook is overcrowded with pages from every company and it is becoming hard for marketers to keep the customers engaged with their content. With Facebook and other social media platform becoming fiercely competitive, it is an all out race to find out who can grab the user’s attention and for how long. Facebook’s smart algorithms determine which posts to display on the user’s news feed based on his previous clicks and likes. Facebook also has a good system to thwart any attempt by companies to manipulate via like-baiting or circulating old posts and so on.

How can brands retain or increase visibility organically, improve engagement and enhance ROI?

If you can create high quality content then you are doing your basics right. Consistently posting quality content on your page is the most fundamental and the most effective means to increase organic visibility. Companies have to start thinking from the user’s perspective and create content that is relevant. Facebook takes into account the number of times a user engaged with a page. This shows interest. The more a user engages, the more likely it is for posts from there to show up on the newsfeed. Higher engagement is based on quality content and it boosts visibility. But for new pages that require some promoting, Facebook allows you to boost the page or particular posts from the page for a cost. This could be used initially to reel in some audience for your content.

Facebook analytics is a great tool that gives you some interesting insights about your fans. It provides data and graphs about number of views (reach), likes, shares and new members. This way you get to know the viewership pattern and behaviour of your potential and existing customers. Reach is an important metric that shows you the level of positive engagement your posts have experienced. You can even have metrics for specific times of the day, for a weekly period etc.

The one great advantage social media provides is the opportunity to check out what the competition is doing. There are several tools available to do this including social bakers, quintly and buzzsumo. For each keyword or topic, it allows you to view the main influencers, social influence, backlinks, social shares and so on. They are cost-effective and very simple to use. They save a lot of time otherwise spent on research or surveys.

You should treat your brand page like an online community. And the only way to build a thriving community is to provide value and engage your members. Once you get that right, the rest will follow. Companies that focus on getting likes or shares merely manage vanity pages and not communities that appreciate what the company is doing for them. Use the page to further instill in your customers your core values and not just mindlessly promote products.

Never use shortcuts like reusing old content from someone else, overloading your page with promotional material, purchasing page likes or other manipulative tactics. Social media marketing is a full time job and it is better to have a dedicated person or a consulting agency on the case. Facebook is constantly using algorithms to weed out poor content. So the best thing to do is to stay on the top of your game and to genuinely dedicate yourself to your customers.