SEO / 25 Tips for quick SEO results

Search Engine Optimization has become inescapable for most websites to stand out of the crowd and be noticed by the target readers. When drawing attention is the key, a huge amount of effort is to be put to sustain a reader. A few quick tips can help in getting good SEO results.

1. Links: Putting all the information about the website in one page is an intricate task not only for the website but also for the readers. This is solved by giving suitable links. This includes links to images, more information etc.

2. Content: It has the potential of making a business rich or dragging it to the streets. The website content is supposed to be crisp, precise and descriptive at the same time.

3. Keywords: The use of right keywords largely impacts a business by drawing the right traffic towards the website.

4. Blog for the site: A blog for the website can give a sense of closeness to the readers. A blog from the CEO can be even more appealing.

5. Freshness of the content: The content needs to be daily updated or checked for keeping it looking fresh to the readers. A loss of interest in the website might mean a loss of business.

6. Simplicity: The simpler and more intelligible the contents are, the better. A very complex way of presentation makes the readers lose interest in the crux of it all.

7. Daily work: In accordance with the changes every day, the content has to be modified to be attractive. A look into a competitor’s website may be useful for the same.

8. Site maps: The visual contents are usually paid attention to than a written content. Providing the updated site maps and the correct contact details is one of the ways of being top rated.

9. Relevance: Keeping the website content “to the point” is important to help quick readers.

10. Anchor text: Instead of writing “Click here” for further information, it is a good practice to give the relevant word itself, which is called anchor text.

11. Avoid Suffocating: Too many keywords in the content is called “keyword stuffing” and is considered to be one of many poor practices in SEO.

12. Canonical URLs: The ranking is given a kick when many keywords lead to the same link. This can also be called syndication in internet terms.

13. Simple URL: It is vital to keep the URL simple and relevant so that a random internet user guesses it right to reach it.

14. Avoid Inactive URL: An inactive URL is not something the readers would love to see often.

15. Videos: Broadening a video content to show the intention is a good idea.

16. Quality of videos and images : The quality of videos and images used, even as a thumbnail, allows the right traffic into the website.

17. Relevant filenames: It is important to have relevant filenames instead of default ones.

18. Accurate Labeling: A clear explanation of images/videos is helpful for the readers.

19. Copyrights: Watermarks/copyrights for an image is important to avoid future disputes over the same.

20. Javascript simple: A simple Javascript when embedding objects with it saves time and confusion.

21. Being competent: It is crucial for any business.

22. Clean code: A clean code (html or javascript) is important to be indexed properly.

23. Title: Title should also be a keyword. Symbols are to be avoided.

24. Adhere to guidelines: Following the guidelines of the search engines is also important to be top ranked. A white hat practice is good.

25. Patience: To wait for results to show up and to keep one’s cool is an important business strategy to success.

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